Sound Design Demo Reel

Over the course of his career with Mythic in EA, Nick took the audio department from a forgotten corner of the development office to a highly-regarded source of expertise, reliability, and inspiration, both within Mythic and Electronic Arts as a whole. With a focus on delivering uncompromising quality while encouraging a healthy work/life balance, Nick led and mentored a group of audio experts that have each moved on to creating their own award-winning content. This video demo captures some of the highlights from the past few years.

Audio demo highlighting the sound design and music of Wrath of Heroes, Ultima Forever, and Dungeon Keeper.


Spatialized Audio Demo Reel

"Fixing Incus," a demonstration of the 3D audio capabilities of the RealSpace3D engine, has been regarded as "[t]he definitive audio demo for VR," appearing at multiple convention floors over the last year, including the Audiokinentic Wwise booth at GDC16. Built during a time when VR and 3D audio SDKs were anything but stable, Nick built, scripted, and engineered the entire demo on his own, gradually adapting it as developer tools improved and changed dramatically over the course of development. Since then it has enjoyed critical acclaim as a presentation that shows what audio can really do for the VR space.

Earlier in 2016, Nick won a finalist award from the Game Audio Network Guild for "Best Game Audio Article, Publication, or Broadcast" with his Fixing Incus postmortem article on Gamasutra. The article is a thorough look at both the technical and artistic issues of spatialized sound design, with game audio veteran Damian Kastbauer describing the piece as, "...a gold-standard [of] integration/implementation artistry..."

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Dungeon keeper reel (Mobile audio)

Released in 2014, Dungeon Keeper established itself as a mobile audio standout and one of the first titles to use Audiokinetic Wwise in a mobile game. With a tremendous amount of world detail, dialog, music interactivity, and special effects HDR mixing, the audio of Dungeon Keeper was aimed specifically at providing a level of intricacy and interactivity that other games in the competitive city builder genre couldn't hope to touch. Sounding more like a AAA console game than a mobile title, the audio of Dungeon Keeper is an experience of constant thrill and delight.

In this video, the sound elements of the game are covered in detail and help show why this was such a pioneering example of mobile gaming audio.

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The audio delight of Dungeon Keeper, for Android and iOS phones and tablets. This video highlights the sound design, music, voiceover, and technical design of the audio for this mobile title.